Awards and references

ND awards gold

ND Awards 2023

In 2023, I achieved a remarkable feat by winning the 1st place in the category 'Night Photography' for non-professional photographers at the ND Awards 2023. The Neutral Density Photography Award is a prestigious annual photography competition that features a distinguished panel of judges who select the overall winner, as well as the winners for each category, including 'night photography'.

ND awards 2023
IPA logo

International Photography Awards 2023

The International Photography Awards holds a yearly competition for professional, amateur, and student photographers worldwide, making it one of the most comprehensive and ambitious photography competitions in today's world. My photograph of Mount Taranaki and the night sky is a finalist in the 2023 awards, and has been awarded the title 'Official Selection', and the title 'Honorable Mention'.

ALPS magazine cover

ALPS Magazine

ALPS is a German magazine that focuses on mountaineering in the Alps. The stories and informative text are accompanied by exceptional photographs. My photograph of the Milky Way behind the Three Peaks/Tre Cime was published in issue #57 of ALPS magazine. The image is printed across two pages and the story behind the photograph can be found within the magazine.

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Unsplash is a very popular platform to get license-free images that can be used for websites, flyers, and more. I have published several pictures on Unsplash and can report impressive statistics, including over 90 million views and 25 featured images. Additionally, my image of the 'Southern Lights over the Church of the Good Shepherd' was credited in the blog post titled 'Lookback in March'.

PhotoPills logo

PhotoPiller of the Day

PhotoPills is the number one App when it comes to planning your night shot. The developers run their own awards where they choose the best pictures on different topics. With my image of of the Milky Way behind the Three Peaks/Tre Cime, I could convince and was able to achieve the title 'PhotoPiller of the day'.

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iStock logo


Stock footage is a great way to provide your images and videos for artists who are searching for some high-quality videos or exemplary images. By making my work available on various platforms like Pond5, iStock and Wirestock, I could gain some extra money by selling several videos and pictures.

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Facebook & Instagram

You can also connect with me on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, I am delighted to have several re-posts from popular pages like 'MilkyWay Chasers', 'Skywatcher Australia', 'PhotoPills', 'IPA', and more. On Facebook, various groups that are dedicated to astrophotography are very helpful for sharing results, connecting with like-minded people, receiving feedback, and gathering new ideas.

Shop image


It was never my intention to sell prints, but I stumbled upon an interesting opportunity. One day, I was contacted by a lawyer from New York regarding one of my pictures. Initially, I thought there was a legal issue, but to my surprise, he was interested in purchasing a print for his office. The picture was of a hut in Switzerland where he often spends his summers. Since then, I have produced prints for some relatives and friends and have integrated a small shop where one can directly buy selected images online.

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