Sebastian Knoll

Sebastian Knoll is a 28-year-old award-winning hobby astrophotographer from Salzburg (Austria) who tries to capture breathtaking images and videos of the night sky and nature since 2019. His primary focus is on the Milky Way and Landscapes, but he also focuses on creating time-lapses.

He enjoys being in the mountains and often seeks out high-altitude spots for his photos and time-lapses. Moreover, his self-made camera slider comes in handy when movement is essential for a time-lapse.

During his various trips, including a one-year journey in New Zealand and Australia, he was able to enhance his skills and further develop his photography proficiency. As a result, he was able to publish his work in a printed magazine, receive numerous references throughout social media and the internet, and even sell several prints and videos.

He has several planned projects and destinations to visit, as he aims to further improve his skills, gain new experiences and meet new like-minded people. You are welcome to join him on any of his adventures, reach out to him for ideas, or attend one of his astrophotography workshops if you are interested in becoming an astrophotographer yourself.

Sebastian Knoll

My job:

I am employed as a university assistant at the Institute for Automation and Control in the Technical University of Graz. Currently, I am working towards my PhD in Chemical Process Automation while also taking up teaching duties. I conduct classes for both bachelor and master courses in automation and control.

Sebastian Knoll

Other Hobbies:

During my free time, I enjoy programming. I primarily focus on full-stack web development, but I also work on projects involving Python, embedded systems, and C#. One notable programming project I have worked on is this website to showcase my photos and videos.

Sebastian Knoll


If I can motivate myself, I enjoy volleyball, jogging, and bouldering. Moreover, as previously stated, I enjoy hiking or engaging in via ferrata activities.